Amy Laufer

To: Robert Lombardi of Lombardi Construction
"You can add OceanView Towers of Long Branch, NJ to your list of extremely happy customers. Your job was not an easy one, picking up in the middle of someone else's unfinished work. We had been abandoned by an out of town contractor, and things were not looking good. Lombardi Construction came in, took the stress out of our project, and provided us with honest, dedicated work, committed to the customer and cost competitive.

Here we were, involved in our second separate phase of construction. Rob Lombardi demonstrated his ability to provide quality workmanship, on time, and within our remaining budget. His staff was professional, positive and friendly and with Mr. Lombardi, all opinions mattered.

It is my personal feeling, that it would be hard to find a better general contractor who took such pride in the final product. Our building on the Jersey Shore is quite impressive. Come take a look."

Amy Laufer
Board of Trustees Member 1997-2005 Scanned Letter

Joseph F. Azara, Jr.

Dear Robert,

We have just completed our fourth building project using your firm and couldn't be more satisfied with both the experience and the result.

The craftsmanship and eye for detail are impeccable and your staff is professional and efficient, coordinating all phases of the job for a smooth and seamless outcome.

It was a pleasure to work, yet again, with your outstanding firm. We wish you continued success. Scanned Letter

Barry & Leah

Dear Lombardi Construction,

The words "thank you" are inadequate to express our appreciation – and gratitude – for the beautiful, professional and expedient renovations done at Ocean View Towers. Your work truly enhanced our investment and our lives! Scanned Letter

Beverlee Kaminetzky

Dear Mr. Lombardi,

The renovation of the Oceanview Towers condominium building has been completed and we want to commend you for the excellent leadership, knowledge and skill that you brought to the project since you took the contractor leadership position. Under your management the renovations moved forward as you had promised.

You brought an important level of detailed know how to the project that was evident. In our judgment your work was of fine quality. I had the opportunity to talk with the men on the job. They appeared to be pleased with the opportunity to work for you and with you. They indicated that you always worked along side them. I have also seen you physically engaged in many of the jobs at the work site.

The Oceanview Towers is now a renewed very beautiful oceanfront building. We are delighted to have you continue to be part of out association team and thank you for all you have accomplished. We would be pleased to recommend you as a contractor. Scanned Letter

Charles and Mary Dietrich

This is a testimonial to Robert Lombardi and Lombardi Construction Management. I recently had Lombardi Construction build our home.

I had interviewed many many builders and the one main reason I chose Lombardi was because of his reliability.

Talking to many people about the good and bad points of builders, the main thing that came through time and time again was the fact that new home owners could not get the builder back to correct problems.

By chance, I met an individual that had a home built more that 60 miles away at a beach resort by Lombardi Construction and had some door setting problems. This homeowner bragged about how Lombardi Construction not only took responsibility but they provided competent craftsman to correct the problem and stood behind their warrantee (years later).

This was very important to me, as I knew that you do not build a home without some issues. These issues can be resolved but only with your builders support.

Our home was practically complete and we, like most other new homeowners have issues. Lombardi Construction has worked with us time and time again getting the issues corrected.

Robert Lombardi has been wonderful to work with and continues to help us with completing the punch list.

If you are contemplating building a home, I recommend Lombardi Construction Management.Scanned Letter

Gary Micheal Jewelers

While my friends who used larger builders complained about leaks, shoddy workmanship, and cheap materials, I am proud to say my Lombardi-built house is of superior workmanship. Cheaper materials never were substituted and I've had no problems since I moved in. The craftsmanship was second to none.
Also, Lombardi is always there to answer my questions and concerns. With Lombardi, nothing is cookie-cutter. Scanned Letter

Patricia and Nikolaos Rokkos

To: Lombardi Construction

"Mr. Robert Lombardi is a "go to man". He is one of those "hands-on" builders who is involved every step of the way. He has the ability to amass a team of professional craftsmen that produces a first class product. Mr. Robert Lombardi thinks of everything, taking the worry away from the homeowner. He demonstrates integrity, professionalism, and honesty.

He is committed to scheduling and budgeting. He is a credit to himself and his profession." Scanned Letter

Vincent & Carol Incao

"We first met Bob Lombardi when he did out pavers on our driveway and we were very satisfied with his workmanship. When we were building a summer home on LBI, we called Bob since we knew the quality of his work.

Bob builds a wonderful house with attention to every detail and works with the homeowner to construct the house of their dreams. His craftsmen are excellent workmen and take pride in their work.

We moved into the house in the summer of 2001 and in the summer of 2003 we had a problem with our French doors.

We called Bob and after explaining our problem he sent his workman and solved the situation.

It is nice to have a builder who stands behind his work.

We give Bob very high marks and would not hesitate to recommend him to our friends." Scanned Letter

Arvind Geol – Unixpros

"I have known Robert Lombardi of Lombardi Construction for the last 5 years. Robert and his company did an excellent job in putting a significant addition to our house. I found Robert to be a very honest, conscientious, and hard working individual. His company completed my job on time and within budget. Since that time, I have developed a friendship with Robert and also have found him to be involved in local community affairs. His company has been doing a remarkable job in the local area and under Robert’s able stewardship, it has made tremendous progress in the last several years." Scanned Letter

TJ Design

Although my experience with Lombardi Construction Management is not of a personal nature, the firm is now responsible for completing a large renovation project within a condo complex in which I am an owner.

The project was started over 2 ½ years ago, by inferior sub-contractors, with no construction manager to oversee progress. Fortunately, for all owners (burdened by huge assessments), Lombardi Construction has been retained to manage the completion of the renovation.
The results have been gratifying to say the least, more work has been completed in the last 6 months, under the trained eye of Lombardi’s management team, then in the previous 2 years.

Progress is apparent, but the attention to detail, and more importantly the reliability of Lombardi Construction Management is what stands out. The firm has not only managed the completion of new (quality) work, but has displayed an aggressive attitude in repairing work completed, by the original sub’s.

I’ve been in the construction business for over 40 years, the industry is notorious for empty promises, and poor workmanship, by sub and/or general contractors, it is a refreshing change dealing with the professionals of Lombardi Construction Management. Scanned Letter

Pattie Robinson

"In 2002, Ocean View Towers (OVT) started a project to renovate the entire building. We were all very excited and looking forward to our "new" building.
In 2003, I became involved with the OVT board and had concerns regarding our renovation project. The GC that was hired sub-ed out the work and I as a homeowner and board member was not happy with the progress being made on the building.

In 2004, I became President of the board and shortly thereafter began a relationship with Lombardi Construction Management. Robert Lombardi was hired as the Project Manager and was responsible for hiring the sub-contractors and overseeing their work and more important the quality of their work. This was extremely valuable as being part of a condo association and not making my living in construction. I felt it was imperative to have someone that is not only knowledgeable in the field of construction overseeing the project but also someone that would take the time and explain to an association why things had to be done the way they were etc. in English.

The building now looks beautiful and we receive many comments on what a gorgeous building it is and how long we have come. Not only did Robert accomplish that, but he got the job done within budget as well." Scanned Letter


Lombardi Construction Management and Robert Lombardi are largely responsible for taking our 30+ year old building and literally transforming it into the beautiful building it is today. As a native Long Branch resident said recently, "I thought it was a new building!"

There must be an enormous amount of trust between building owners and the contractor and with Lombardi construction that was a key success factor. Both Robert and Hillary Lombardi spent a great deal of their personal time and energy getting to know what had been done in the past and even more importantly what the goals of the unit owners were. The company then ensured that the best available supplier or provider was used. This was key to making sure that the quality of each element was the best and obtained at the best price.

The personal commitment to quality on all aspects of the job from the major construction elements like the stair towers to the selection of rose bushes for the front of the building really distinguish this firm.

I highly recommend Lombardi Construction Management. Scanned Letter

Sonya Ganson

I have known Lombardi Construction Management since 1989. Robert has helped me redesign my property, consisting of site work and general contracting. They do quality workmanship in a professional manner. Scanned Letter

Robert Simplot

Just a note to say thank you for building our home at 13 White Rock Terrace in Holmdel. As we approach our third anniversary in the house, I wanted to tell you that we love our home and are ecstatic about the way things turned out. You personally demonstrated a caring approach during the home-build process and were accommodating from our initial contract discussions all the way to the final walk-through. Your attention to our needs on punch list items even 2 years after completion was exemplary.

The quality of construction is fabulous. The Lombardi employees and subcontractors demonstrated close attention to detail and pride of ownership in their work.

I have always heard the horror stories about building a home, but I have to say it was a real pleasure building this one. I would be happy to relate our experience to a potential prospect. Thank you again Robert. Scanned Letter

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